Welcome Aboard

Established Web 3.0 Studio with Revenue Sharing, Immersive Gameplay, and an Award Winning Team!

What is MetaBlox?

MetaBlox is looking to revolutionize GameFi. Utilizing the roblox platform and the robust diversity and various niches with our experiences in development, management, and marketing, we're laying a foundation for our token, $MBX. Individuals who stake their tokens will be eligible for a share of the revenue.
According to Roblox's Creator Analytics, our first game reached rank 80 in the global top earning spot in the first week! With a team that has years of experience in game development and monetization optimization, we plan on releasing a new game every couple weeks. To ensure the maximum amount of revenue generated, we will ensure a fully polished game release with proper device optimization on the platform and appropriate marketing.
We believe in full transparency and have released a revenue dashboard for all token holders to access, to see realtime statistics of all our games combined!