Technical Information

Contract Address

0x144805be43c48ef85435C94E0da4Cb4Efb1ab4f3 (etherscan)


As we value transparency and trust, we have added many security measures on our contract to ensure misuse of permissions or actions don't happen. Taxes cannot be modified to anything higher, it can only be lowered or completely removed.


Importantly, our contract remains unrenounced, a deliberate decision to ensure future adaptability. Our contract allows us to reduce, but never to increase our token tax. If opportunities arise to lower taxes within our business model, we want to be able to act. Our contract, while unrenounced, differs significantly from typical contracts in its structure and intent by using security measures, underlining our commitment to both growth and flexibility.

Liquidity Pool Token Lock

To ensure sufficient liquidity at all times, MetaBlox has locked all of its initial liquidity and any future liquidity pool tokens. The LP tokens were locked using Unicrypt. You can view our lock here:


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