Revenue Sharing

All holders will receive 80% of the revenue generated by all games. The remaining 20% will be used for marketing and further growth.

Minimum Tokens Eligible For Revenue Share

To be eligible for the revenue sharing model MetaBlox currently offers, it is important for holders looking to participate to stake their $MBX tokens on our staking platform. This model allows for token holders to earn a proportional share from revenue generated by games developed and deployed by MetaBlox Games.

User Generated Items

We've partnered with select talented creators on the Roblox platform who have gained the privilege to upload virtual items on the marketplace and within their groups. We will leverage these partnerships to sell items both on the marketplace and within our own groups, thereby generating additional revenue.

Gamepasses & In-Game Developer Products

To enhance Revenue Per Visit ratio (RPV), we'll be introducing gamepasses and in-game developer items. The increased Robux expenditure per visit will contribute significantly to exponential revenue growth, making this a crucial element in maximizing earnings per player.

Social Outreach

We've already established connections with numerous content creators, some of who have well over a few million subscribers on YouTube, who play a pivotal role in the world of Roblox game development. Many of them have produced content related to our games in the past (Search our game name on YouTube & TikTok), and we're actively planning to collaborate with more creators to expand our reach.

Expanding into Real-World Merchandise

Our ambitions extend beyond the virtual realm, as we aim to delve into the world of real-world merchandise. This strategy mirrors the success of top-earning Roblox games that have generated tens of thousands of dollars within minutes of highly anticipated product releases. Some have even created their own markets on platforms like eBay and others, and we aspire to follow in their footsteps.

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